' Un simple regard posé sur une fleur et voilà une journée remplie de bonheur. '

We have been commissioned to design, direct and craft a series of product films and key visuals to help bring Mate to the forefront of smartphone innovation. 
This time, we aim to satisfy even the most exigent trend and give the power to the brand in their escalation to fame, by making kinetic wallpaper design such as splendid motion for Mate X2, new foldable phone of Huawei.

An exclusive alluring movement, perfect interaction to comprehend key function of new foldable phone.
Colorful abstract, flower motion is brought up on the plentiful screen.

Client : Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.
Agency : Master
Creative Director : Dongho Lee
Modeling : Kihyun Song
Animation : Kiseong Jeong, Youngjoo In
Lighting : Kiseong Jeong, Youngjoo In
Composition : Hanna Lee, Jiyun Kim

by Master

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