Master has created a product film for P40, one of the flagship line in Huawei, in March 2020.  The metaphor of this film was inspired by pure minimalism, elegance, and modernistic visual tactility, and I did aim to visualize a stylized manner of achromatic color palette to establish P40 identity.  The file takes the audience on a journey of discovery.  We explore the beauty of ceramic materials on achromatic color, volcano design, and 4D curved screen by aesthetic sensibilities.

HUAWEI P40 SERIES Official Product Film
Client : Huawei
Agency : Ogilvy
Production : Master
Creative Director : Dongho Lee
Producer: Saebom Lee
CG Supervisor: Seongho Yu, Youngsoo Jang.
Design & Animation : Jeonghoon Wang, Youngjoo In, Dongsu Jang, Junyeon Kim, Kihyun Song, Minsu Yoon, Jiwan Yoo, Jooyeon Han, Kyenghyun Jang, Eunji Kim, Chulwon Jung, Kichan Kim
Compositing: Hanna Lee, Jiyoon Kim, Eunhye Ko, Sunmin Hong
Live action directer : MC Jang
D.O.P.: Hanvit Kang
Music and Sound Design: MUTT
Local Live action Production: Traveling films, Portugal.​​​​​​​

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